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—knives out

this is my cover of “knives out” by radiohead, from amnesiac.

this is self-medication for my past. i’ve loved this song for years, and have always thought it was the saddest. not to mention lyrically morbid.

i included scattered audio clips from sean penn’s into the wild. from my favorite scene, at salvation mountain with leonard knight.

this is very real. the story of leonard knight.

"…he accepted jesus into his heart and he hasn’t been the same ever since… back in vermont, his unbridled enthusiasm for the lord, jesus christ, and the holy ghost was mostly misunderstood. he went from church to church to share his new-found knowledge and always met resistance among the church leaders. leonard’s idea was simple like it says in the bible: accept jesus into your heart, repent your sins, and be saved. the church leaders said it wasn’t that simple - that there was more to it than that. no one would listen to him. he couldn’t make anyone understand how simple he thought it all was."

so, leonard built a monumental mountain for jesus christ in the desert of southern california using only used paint he found and cement. he only intended for it to be small, and he only intended to stay there for a week. that was 1984. he has now lived there for nearly twenty-six years, working on salvation mountain. he has no electricity, no gas, no running water, no phone, no heating, no air conditioning and he receives $249 each month from social security. he is known for being one of the happiest men you could ever be so blessed meet.

"leonard will probably never be finished with salvation mountain. his imagination is limited only by his own perception of the capabilities and powers bestowed on him by god.”

christ’s grace is sufficient for him. very real.

"it is leonard’s hope that his message of love will be seen all over the world and that all people everywhere will show more love and compassion for their fellow man. he truly believes that love is the answer to a peaceful and harmonious existence.”

leonard’s story is humbling and i suggest reading his biography.

from “knives out” (my past, my inability to cope with sadness) to salvation mountain (finding christ at age twenty) - the timeline of the last few years of my life, rolled into one.

"peter replied, ‘repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of jesus christ for the forgiveness of your sins. and you will receive the gift of the holy spirit. the promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off - for all whom the lord our god will call.’"

~acts 2:38-39

the excerpt from into the wild:

"…a lot of people in the valley just love me a lot. everybody now, i think, in the whole world is just loving me. and i want to have the wisdom to love them back. and that’s about it. so i really get excited… this is a love story that is staggering to everybody in the whole world: that god really loves us a lot… i really love it here. i think the freedom of this place is just so beautiful. to me, i wouldn’t move for ten million dollars, unless i had to. so, i’m contented here in the desert, and i’m living where i want to live. and i think good gets better…”

~leonard knight

for my past, and for leonard of salvation mountain.

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